2022 Year-In-Review: Growth, Achievements, And Failures

2022 Year-In-Review: Growth, Achievements, And Failures

To be honest, I’m not someone big on being optimistic about situations unless hope is needed. But this year was different. I knew my life and career needed a big leap, and for some reason, I hoped and believed it would happen. Maybe because I’m now more confident in my skill after 2years of learning programming (now 3years), maybe.

A Very Quick Backstory

I started programming in 2018 without a laptop. Did that for about 3months and couldn’t keep up, so I dropped it. Started again officially in 2019 while still at the university, this time with a laptop (thanks to my dad). Fast forward to 2021 ending, I got a 4-month contract job, and working with my boss instilled the confidence I needed. The contract job pay was below par, but I was okay with it for a start because I was still a student, and I wouldn’t trade the knowledge I gained from working with him for anything.

I was going to graduate that year and knew I needed to make more money to be able to support myself.

Back To 2022

I make plans a lot and like to have almost everything in order or strategize well before taking a step. 2022 was different. I started the year very hopeful, with no exact plan in mind. I had worked my ass off the previous year and knew I only needed to improve my skill and get a good job. My resume was in good shape, my portfolio made sense, and I even had a tech blog. Perfect. Now all I needed was to start applying for jobs.

I applied for jobs all through January, and nothing was forthcoming except rejection letters, of course. I used to work as a freelance copywriter and knew how sweet earning in dollars was. I already told myself I wanted to earn in dollars as a dev too, so I did not even bother to apply to Nigerian companies, except one, whose interview I failed woefully anyways due to lack of preparation. The rejection was a lot.

By February, I was getting impatient. But something good happened. I got a mail from a Nigerian company that wanted me to work with them. I did not apply to this company, so why? They said they came across my profile and wanted me to work for them. A good sign, finally. I went through with the interview and assessment. And you can already guess what happened. I accepted the offer letter because ‘half bread is better than none.’ I had to drop all my “I want to earn in dollars” shenanigans for the main time.
A few weeks after I accepted my offer letter, a friend told me about a possible job opening in a company in Europe. I did not take it seriously, for God knows why. I applied anyways. A week later, I was called for an interview, and it started to look real. I went through the 3 stages interview, and voilà, an offer letter came through.

All of this happened within the first few weeks of February. A lot can happen in 24 hours, really. It felt like a dream, and at the same time, it felt like a job well deserved after 2 years of hard work and persistence. I now had two jobs, just like that. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the two jobs. At least I did not want anything affecting my performance for the first few months. After a month, I had to resign from the Nigerian company. I felt bad, really, but it is what it is. The CEO was nice and even paid me for the few works I did for them.

I moved out of my parent’s house into mine after 2 months. And did I tell you I was going to be on probation for the first 3month and after that, my performance would be reviewed? Honestly, I wasn’t even confident in my skill anymore. It felt like I was going to be sacked suddenly because I wasn’t good enough. New job trauma, lol.

3months later, this is one of the things my manager had to say.

2022 year-in-review

Personal Achievements And Failures

I did not have time for many things I wanted to do this year because of my new job and environment. I was even burnt out a little at a point. But I pushed through regardless because…stars don’t give up : )

I launched my blog this year. I did this once but gave up because I had other priorities, but I’m back and better now. I share informative articles on personal development, career tips, tech, and productivity. This blog is very dear to me, and I’m working towards doing better next year, so make sure to stick around.

I indirectly started something I have always had in mind because I saw an opportunity to do so, and whew’ it failed. It’s an organization that’s focused on helping people, especially women, get into tech with the right platform (still coming up), resources, and mentorship. I got DMs from people who wanted to get into tech and needed help, and I decided to make something out of that since it was something I had always wanted to do. Maybe I wasn’t in the right headspace at the time, maybe. But if you’re willing to join a movement like this, please send me a direct message on Twitter. We can make something beautiful together.

It was a long year, and there is so much more I want to share. People and Lagos showed me shege, but I will just put a pin on it here.

I’m grateful to God for my journey so far. My journey from 2018 has not been a smooth one. I fought one one-on-one with Sapa so many times. But through it all, I’m a living testimony that with hard work, patience, and a good mindset, you will get what you want and much more.

2022 is what I envisioned it to be, and I hope 2023 is better.